Do I need to refrigerate?

Both our gochujang and ssamjang require refrigeration after opening. To extend shelf life, we also recommend storing your unopened gochujang and ssamjang in a cool, dry place.

What is the shelf life?

Products will include a best by date on the bottom of the jars. Because our products are fermented, they will typically be good to use for 1-2 years after opening.

Are your products gluten-free, vegan, or organic?

Our products are vegan and made from natural ingredients, which are grown in Korea without preservatives. Organic certification is an expensive undertaking that we have not undergone as a small business, and the small amount of malt that allows us to not add additional sugar does contain traces of gluten.

Is your packaging recyclable?

We do our best to keep sustainability in mind. The boxes around our jars, aluminum lids, and shipping materials are all recyclable.

Shipping & Returns

What is your return policy?

Because of the nature of our products, we do not offer returns. If anything feels off about your order, don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@potluckmarket.com.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship within the United States.

My order is delayed, missing or damaged. What do I do?

Oh no, sorry to hear that! Please contact us at hello@potluckmarket.com.


Where can I find Potluck?

You can purchase directly from our website or from a growing number of independent retailers across the country. Find us here!

If there's a shop you think would be a good fit, let us know 💌

Can I stock Potluck in my store or restaurant?

Of course! We love working with independent retailers and local restaurants. Send us a note at hello@potluckmarket.com. We also take orders on Faire.